What is Nice to Bloom You

Nice to Bloom You is a simplified garden design applicable to all outdoor spaces.

The product includes the guidelines for the design and planning of any open space, be it a small balcony or a large garden - with the information arranged by the designer.

The guidelines come in beautiful boxes and contain the necessary information for you to easily design your outdoors on your own.

They also include a selection of plants for sunny locations in temperate climate and the know-how, tips to mix them together,  take care of them and finally enjoy a wonderful outdoor space.


You can choose between the Warm Palette Edition or the Cool Palette Edition.

About me

Hi, my name is Virginia, I was born in Milan and I am the founder of Nice To Bloom You.

I studied Architecture and trained in landscape and garden design starting from Italy and moving to Australia and the UK.

I have worked for some years for firms across the world where I have been involved in planning landscape strategies in urban contexts and in critical environments. I developed a great sensitivity for the theme of climate change and grew environmentally aware more and more. This pushes me to look for little daily habits that have the potential of contributing to our personal well-being as much as to that of the community around us.

Substantial changes happen thanks to small individual gestures.


Greening our cities means a lot of things, from cleaner air to cooling down of temperatures, from physical and mental health to conservation of biodiversity, from individual comfort in a private space to contributing to the local climate.

Nice to Bloom You for me is a way to make garden design more accessible to many and at the same time its aim is to respond to the climate crisis that we are facing through small individual gestures that will eventually contribute to the common good.

I have worked hard for Nice to Bloom You guidelines to be as easy and fun as possible for all of you. I want garden design to be an easy task, making it really possible for you to plan your outdoors from A to Z. 

To do so, I have selected some plants for you that work well together and require low maintenance, I have extracted only the core of the necessary information, I have made the info concise and simple, I have then studied the graphics to help me translate all the info and make them easy to digest to you all.

The cards are intuitive and smart, they explain every single step one by one, all the necessary information is there. Your tastes and preferences are the only things missing, all the rest is ready for your use.


Nice to Bloom You ha fatto centro nel mio cuore! Sono appassionata e al momento sto curando il giardino di amici e il mio sogno è progettare giardini e lavorare con le piante. Grazie a NTBY tante persone come me possono realizzare il loro sogno e dedicarsi ai loro spazi verdi con questo strumento validissimo! 

Un cofanetto con tutte le indicazioni per portare un po' di verde e colore sul proprio balcone/terrazzo. 

Non vedo l'ora che sia primavera per iniziare!

Leggo un articolo su una rivista, trovo Nice to Bloom You , ordino e arriva a casa in bicicletta.

Spiriti green, check it out!

Bel progetto, era tempo che desideravo un servizio così!