It's very Nice to Bloom You!

What a better way to start a blog than explaining how this project has been conceived and the ideas behind it?

There are three main concepts that Nice to Bloom You cares about and these are:

1. make garden design and landscape architecture more democratic

2. improve each individual's health, both physical and mental

3. contribute to environmental enhancement, greening the city you live in for the more collective good.

  1. Make garden design and landscape architecture more democratic

This is where it all started: a couple of years ago, strolling around Hampstead Heath park with my husband on a Sunday afternoon, we were talking about our future and the possibility of doing something new, for us and for others.

Garden design and landscape architecture are professions whose outputs can improve individual's and communities' lives extremely, however often they are still not considered by people as much as they should be. Some other times, people are just not ready or don't have the means to actually hire a garden designer or a landscape architect for their gardens or terraces.

We have been through a lot this year with the pandemic and we have learned some lessons, among which for sure we have come to realise that open spaces are vital for our happiness and sense of freedom and green spaces at home can make the difference not only during lock-down, but always.

This is where Nice to Bloom You comes in. It is a project that aims to making garden and landscape design services accessible to all, at a price that is affordable for all and with the simplicity yet professionalism that is understandable by all.


2. Improve each individual's health, both physical and mental

We truly believe that a even a small green space can improve our lives.

We have recently experienced lock-down for a few months and we have been so lucky to live in a flat featuring a terrace. Thanks to the beautiful weather this spring - first time in London after many years - we have had a good time and are forever grateful for having being so lucky.

I'm sure everyone of you will agree with me when I say that we need more of these spaces, that this would make our lives so much easier, relaxed, simply happy.

The good benefits of green spaces on our health, both mental and physical, has been researched in many scientific studies.

It is proved that the contact, even if only visual, with green areas enhances our comfort, it represents a relief from the stressful rhythms we constantly live with and it works as a peaceful oasis for our minds and bodies.

With Nice to Bloom You I want to stress this necessity and give people a tool to change this and to make it happen.

Do you want to have your own small green oasis? From this moment, you can.


3. Contribute to environmental enhancement, greening the city we live in for the more collective good

The third point behind Nice to Bloom You links back to the second, to the necessity of more green areas in our stressful city lives.

Cities are concrete jungles where too often we are exhausted by pollution, we have little or no green spaces to stroll around and at the same time we all are well aware of the world climatic situation that is worsening day by day.

At Nice to Bloom You we are convinced that individual action is like a drop in the ocean but if thousands and then millions of actions took place then we could make the change perceivable.

We believe in the contribution of private green spaces - such gardens, terraces or even balconies - in the greening of cities, why not?

Think about the famous Bosco Verticale in Milan and why has it been so successful and became so renowned worldwide? Simply because it looks at a global problem and finds a way to address it, to find a solution even if local and limited. If our cities were made of thousands of Bosco Verticales instead of grey buildings, we would be in a better world.

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